Here are the Steps and Methods to install Lume static site generator for Deno in Ubuntu System.

Before installing Lume Static Generator you need to install Deno on your Ubuntu System

Install on Ubuntu

  • Update your System Packages
sudo apt update -y && apt upgrade -y
  • install and Setup New lume Project via Deno
deno run -Ar
  • Install Lume CLI on your System to Maintain and Update lume
deno install --allow-run --allow-env --name lume --force --reload
  • Move to bin Directory
sudo mv /home/username/.deno/bin/lume /usr/bin/
  • Verify your installation
which lume
  • Upgrade lume CLI to Latest Release
lume upgrade-cli
  • deno.jsonc config file for Manage lume site
  "importMap": "import_map.json",
  "tasks": {
    "build": "deno task lume",
    "serve": "deno task lume -s",
    "lume": "echo \"import 'lume/cli.ts'\" | deno run --unstable -A -",
    "reload": "echo \"import 'lume/cli.ts'\" | deno run --reload --unstable -A -"

Note - Lume CLI Work only on lume Project Folder Directory only

Successfully install and Configure lume Static Site Generator for Deno in our Ubuntu System via Deno.