In this Tutorial, we are going to See the Method Install Firefox Quantum on Ubuntu 16.04 & 17.04

Firefox already available in official Ubuntu Software center But we can get the Latest Update on After 2 to 3 Days from the release date.

(update) - Finally Firefox Quantum Officially released on Ubuntu Store

If you want to test the Latest Version of Firefox.follow our below Steps Install Firefox on Ubuntu

Uninstall Older Version

  • Goto Ubuntu Software Center
  • Navigate to Software Installed tab
  • you can find the Firefox Brower on Software Installed Section
  • Open it & remove the Firefox 56.0

Install Firefox Quantum on Ubuntu

Direct Method

Download Latest package -

  • Open Terminal
  • Goto downloads
cd Downloads
  • Extract the Downloaded Firefox-57.0.tar.bz2Package
tar xjf firefox-57.0.tar.bz2
  • Move Extracted firefox Folder to /opt/
sudo mv firefox /opt/firefox57
  • Add symlink to Firefox
sudo ln -s /opt/firefox57/firefox /usr/bin/firefox
  • Launch Firefox - Open Terminal & Run the Command Firefox

Uninstall Firefox Quantum on Ubuntu

  • Remove the Firefox Folder from /opt/
sudo rm -r /opt/firefox57


sudo rm --recursive --force /opt/firefox57
  • unlink the Firefox symlink
sudo rm /usr/bin/firefox

Revert Back to Previous Version

Goto Ubuntu Software Center & Install Firefox Previous Version (Firefox 56.0)

  • That's all Done