A Python-Based CLI client for Gotify - Send Push Messages to the Gotify/Server.

Gotify Having Official CLI based on Golang but for Android, It's Not supported Properly.so we Need to Build a Binary file for Android using Termux - https://github.com/gotify/cli/issues/26

But here I found the Another CLI for Gotify Build using Python3 it's Run Smoothly in Termux - https://github.com/schwma/gotify-push

I Made some changes in this Script adding some Extra Functions and Fix some Bugs.

Ok, Now Let's Install and Configure Gotify CLI Client

Install Gotify CLI on Termux


  • Open Termux Terminal Emulator (If you are not Having Termux Download it from Google Play store)
  • Install the Necessary Packages and Modules

➡ Upgrade the packages

pkg up

➡ wget

pkg install wget

➡ nano

pkg install nano

➡ Python3

pkg install python

➡ Python3 PIP Modules

pip install requests
pip install PyYAML
pip install halo
  • Now Install Gotify CLI on Termux (Python Based CLI Client for Send Messages to the Gotify/Server via REST API)

➡ Python File and yaml File (Stores our Gotify API and Server URL)

cd $HOME
wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/mskian/e7b4a6e2b068bd1e6605547f498e3ed6/raw/gpush
wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/mskian/e7b4a6e2b068bd1e6605547f498e3ed6/raw/gfycli.yaml
  • Open gfycli.yaml File & Enter your Gotify Server URL and Application API Key.After the Modification Press CTRL + X & Y to Save the Settings
nano gfycli.yaml
  • Give Execute Permission for Python File
chmod +x gpush
  • Test your Installation by sending Default Push
  • Now Used it Globally
mv gpush $PREFIX/bin/gpush
which gpush

How to Use

  • Send Push Notification
gpush -t "Title" -p 5 -m "Hello test from Gotify Python CLI"
  • Help Message
gpush -h