Recently we made some Header configuration test for Ghost Blog CMS we find some extra Headers on Ghost like

X-Powered-BY: Express

Hide X-Powered-By Express on Ghost

For Some Security reasons Hiding X-powered-BY: Express Header is Safe

How to remove X-Powered-By: Express Header on Ghost Blog CMS?

  • Open your server/Droplet via SSH
  • Open ghost.conf file
nano /etc/nginx/conf.d/ghost.conf
  • Just add this Below line on Proxy location
proxy_hide_header X-powered-by;

Hide X-Powered-By Express on Ghost

  • That's all save the settings and Exit
  • After your edit Restart Nginx and Ghost
sudo service ghost restart
sudo service nginx restart

PS: This Method only Applicable People who Install Ghost CMS Via Full Stack Method

If you Need to help in Modification Just Drop your comments I will Guide you.