in today tutorial, we are going to see about How to Install Ghost-CLI on Ubuntu 16.04 Localhost for Learning, Development, and Practice.

Ghost CMS team Finally release the Production Version of Ghost 1.0 RC1 and Ghost-CLI.
Now we can use Ghost-CLI and Ghost CMS 1.0.0 on our Production site also we can Migrate our Ghost LTS Version into 1.0 version.

In this Ghost, CMS Guide we are going to Learn About Ghost-CLI Installation Method on Ubuntu Localhost Before going to use this on our Production sites better we must Learn about Ghost-CLI from localhost is Best.


  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Node.js LTS Version

How to Install Ghost-CLI on Ubuntu 16.04

  • Install Ghost-CLI via NPM
sudo npm i -g ghost-cli


  • After installing the Ghost-CLI Create a New Folder on Any Location
  • Open that folder via Terminal
  • Run this below command line to Install Ghost Blog locally on Ubuntu Via Ghost-CLI
ghost install local


  • Now Setup your Ghost blog



  • That's all Done :)



  • Update the Ghost-CLI into New Version
sudo npm install -g ghost-cli@latest
  • Update the Ghost Blog
ghost update
  • Start and Stop the Ghost blog
ghost start
ghost stop
  • Uninstall the Ghost Blog
ghost uninstall


  • That's all

From the Editor's Desk

Ghost CMS Localhost using SQLite3 if you are going to use a Ghost CMS 1.0.0 on Production site use MYSQL Database.

Here's the Official Docs From Ghost Team

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