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Bash Shell Script to Get Live Score Feed on your terminal.
Real-time Live Score Feed Updates...


  • cURL
  • libxml2-utils
  • grep


sudo apt apt-get install curl libxml2-utils -y

How to use this Live Cricket Score Shell Script

  • Create a bash file & named as score.sh (save it on any location)
  • Copy and paste this below Shell script on the newly Created bash file
  • open SSH terminal
  • Next Open the File location that contains Live Cricket Score bash file (score.sh)
  • run the below command to Get a Live Cricket Score From Shell script
bash score.sh
  • it will display the list of live cricket matches

Live Cricket Score From Shell script

  • choose any one of the Live Match to Get live score updates

Live Cricket Score From Shell script

Live Cricket score Update on Android

you can also run this Shell Script on your Android device too by using Termux Android Emulator APP

it requires three packages to execute this shell script

  • cURL
pkg install curl
  • libxml2-utils
pkg install libxml2-utils
  • grep
pkg install grep

Rest methods are same

Live Cricket Score From Shell script

From the Editor's Desk

Now you can Get real-time Live Score feed Updates on your terminal :-)
Live Match Scores are Fetched from espncricinfo.com XML feed.